Geothermal Heat in an Old Farmhouse

We sensitively retrofit efficient new heating and cooling systems into historic homes. We have installed geothermal HVAC upgrades, radiant heat in floors, and solar collectors on roofs. We also work in the appropriate air supply ducts, line sets, and hot water pipes needed to heat and cool old buildings.

These pictures are of the installation of a geothermal system in Bruce's 1837 farm house. This is a geothermal closed loop system consisting of two 375 foot long by 8 foot deep trenches with 3 closed loops in each trench. The system will have enough heat sink capacity for two 3-ton heat pumps in the house: one in the basement and one in the attic.

Unreeling one of six closed loops of geothermal tubing

The manifold is located in the basement

The end of the trench is ready to be filled over.

Geothermal heat has been sufficient to keep the house warm in the winter