Matching Historical Craftsmanship

Patterson Homestead

Trinity United Church of Christ

Privately Owned

Middletown, Ohio

We are often asked to match existing features with repairs or replacement materials. The examples below show a grand 1886 parlor window that had been removed and replaced by a door in the 1920s. The owner wanted a window put back in. We painstakingly matched moldings and raised panels (cherry on the interior, poplar on the exterior), and created a new sash and sill for the window.

1886 Parlor Windows

Dayton, Ohio

The seven soaring chimneys of this early-1800s house were in need of repair. This former home of the Patterson family was donated to the City of Dayton, and in recent years, the historic building has become a museum owned and operated by Dayton History. In the spring of 2013, we were tasked with rebuilding the chimneys using modern brick and mortar to match the original stacks as closely as possible. Using what was left of the original masonry and clues from historical photographs, we were able to restore the house to its former glory. Special thanks are due to expert mason, John Bartel, who was contracted by us to assist in the construction.

Before: the triple-stack chimney with old, soft brick, powdery mortar, and flaking paint
During: The masonry is complete, and paint will be applied after the mortar has cured

A doorway becomes a window

The finnished project

Lane Public Library

Owner: Lane Public Library Board of Trustees
Architect: Randy Stephens, AIA, Steed-Hammond-Paul, Inc.

Hamilton, OH

As a subcontractor to Mardis & Meehan Construction of Covington, KY, we served as restoration carpenters for the original part of the library, a gothic structure built in the 1860s, while the general contractor completed a major renovation and expansion of the library. Our contract mainly involved restoring and reproducing the ornate woodwork of this octagonal building. On the outside, we restored/rebuilt the box gutters and frieze. We also stripped, restored, and reconstructed three entries, built a curved awning over the front entrance, and completely rebuilt the octagonal cupola, which had been destroyed in the early 1900s. On the inside, the greatest challenge was reproducing missing portions of the arched window trim; not only were the moldings arched, their profile was semi-circular and the arches intersected one another. We also supervised the restoration of the original finish on the old wood trim doors.

Replica Shutters at Sharon Wood

Owner: Heritage Village Museam
Executive Director: Bill Dichtl

Cincinnati, Ohio

We perform maintenance work for the Heritage Village at Sharonville's Sharon Woods and Dayton's Carillon Park, as well as for other area historical societies. In the photo to the left, we are installing replica shutters to replace the deteriorating original shutters on Sharon Woods' Hayner House.

White Water Shaker Meeting House

Cincinnati, Ohio

In this project, we were tasked with reproducing historically acurate windows for the White Water Shaker Meeting House. Fortunately, some of the original windows were preserved in the attic. This enabled us to pattern the reproduction windows directly off of the originals. We used custom router blades to create the proper profile on these solid walnut windows. The Friends of the White Water Shaker Village wanted us to use as much antique glass as possible in the new exterior windows.

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Livery Stable Restoration

Owner: Remagen Foodservice Solutions, Inc.
Eaton, Ohio
When we began this project, the roof of the livery stable was sagging and would not drain correctly. We found the old, hand painted signs under the newer siding shown in this picture and under old metal signs from the early 1900s. Tod was able to recreate the old signage.

Circa 1885

Circa 2010