Archive of Other Projects

Owner: Delhi Township Board of Trustees
Architect: John Shueler, RA, Preservation Architecture Services Team

Cincinnati, OH

This stone springhouse and the spring inside were significant during the early settlement of the western side of Cincinnati. The restoration involved first photographing, mapping, and numbering each stone, then completely dismantling the building and surrounding retaining walls, excavating and re-grading the area to provide parking, installing reinforced footers and then reconstructing the building and walls, stone by stone. The roof was replaced with a timber frame structure replicating the original. Old timber doors and windows were repaired or replicated, and the spring is once again allowed to flow as it has for centuries, but without causing an impediment to foot or road traffic (and with a specially-constructed channel to allow safe passage of endangered cave salamanders). This project was completed in 2005 and received a preservation award from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.


Delhi Springhouse


Privately Owned

Waynesville, Ohio

One of our more fun projects recently was to move a client's observatory from one place in his backyard to another. The observatory's retractable roof and view of the sky had been obstructed by an adjacent larger building, so the owner asked if we could move the small observatory to a more open area of his property. Taking on the challenge, we modified one of our company hay wagons (the details of which are a trade secret) and were able to simply tow the building to its new location. Once it was placed back on the ground on secure footing, we built rails and a supporting structure for the retractable roof in its open position. We also cast a concrete pier for the telescope mount and prepared the building for regular use. The owner is quite pleased with his new view of the night sky!

Backyard Observatory Relocation

Trinity United Church of Christ

Owner: Trinity Church
Architect: Bruce Goetzman, AIA, Preservation Architecture Services Team

Miamisburg, OH

Over a period of about three years, we participated in a major restoration and upgrade, preparing this fine church building for its second century of use. The project involved going over practically every square foot of the old half of the building, making structural and cosmetic repairs, strengthening the steeple and bell carriage, custom-making an iron staircase for the steeple, cleaning and strengthening stained-glass windows, repositioning interior stained-glass windows (and designing and building an effective back lighting system), replicating and restoring woodwork and finishes, reinforcing the curved sanctuary ceiling, repairing plaster, painting and preparing for stenciling of the sanctuary walls and ceiling, an extensive electrical and lighting upgrade, as well as installation of a concealed retractable projection screen, preserving the historic sanctuary's appearance while allowing for a contemporary service.

Dayton, Ohio

When Aullwood contacted us about helping to construct a mew for their raptors, we were happy to help.  Staff had ideas for building a structure to humanely house their captive raptors, and Ken worked with Aullwood's volunteers and staff to construct this mew. It was built to have a low profile and to blend in with the surrounding historic buildings and natural setting. Additionally, we regularly perform maintenance on Aullwood's barns, nature center, and outbuildings.

Raptor Mew at Aullwood Audubon Center