A Warm Zone in an Old Farmhouse

Judy and Mike's dream was to spend their retirement years on the family farm in Warren County. The farmhouse had been neglected for a number of years, but its charm was undeniable. Their budget, essentially what they could get out of their house in town, did not allow for a complete renovation of the house, so we started with the roof and gutters and necessary exterior repairs and worked out a plan to create a "warm zone" consisting of three rooms: kitchen, bedroom, and bath/laundry room, where they could live comfortably, while taking more time to renovate the entire house. The “warm zone” is an area that can be closed off from the rest of the house, and heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature during times of extreme weather. The larger part of the house can be heated minimally during the coldest months and its large airy spaces can be enjoyed the rest of the year.

Judy and Mike opted for vinyl siding and vinyl replacement windows as the only real way to afford their house. We worked with the siding and window contractor to make sure that the architectural features of the cornice and windows were not obliterated. We also detailed around each opening with housewrap and insulation to minimize air infiltration into the house.