Over 40 Years of Historic Restoration

Established in 1977 and incorporated January 1, 1982, Architectural Reclamation, Inc. has made its name as a general contractor, primarily in restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures. To complete these projects, we use modern off-the-shelf materials, fabricate new materials to match the old, and reuse old materials salvaged from demolished buildings. When necessary to achieve the desired effect, we have learned traditional crafts, using tools and techniques from an earlier period in history. We are a small family business, run by the Stewart brothers, Andy and Bruce, who personally supervise and work on each job. Susan Stewart, Andy's wife, fills the role of CEO and takes care of office functions. We at "ArchRec" encourage you to contact us and put our 35+ years of experience to work on your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Owners and Employees:

Co-owner Andy Stewart has over 40 years of experience with historic restoration. Many of the unique innovations and creative solutions involved in challenging restorations have been Andy's brain children. Here, Andy is pictured installing a solar array on his barn. He is skilled at coming up with environmentally-sustainable renovations for historic buildings.

Bruce Stewart is another co-owner of ArchRec, managing, coordinating, and supervising many of our restorations. Bruce consults with clients about the feasibility and logistics of projects. He is also highly skilled at woodworking & carpentry and is a detail-oriented craftsman. In this picture, Bruce is shown using a 10" saw and angled "shooting boards" to cut a compound angle on a dormer rafter.

Susan Stewart, our third co-owner, has been with ArchRec since 1980. She coordinates projects from the office, keeping paperwork in order, and handling our general day-to-day business. In addition to being an efficient CEO, Susan also researches historically-accurate mediums and methods, orders products, consults, coordinates the work crews, and communicates with our customers.  In this photo she is enjoying Tharp's Log, a historic ranching cabin built in a fallen sequoia log in Sequoia National Park, California.

Tod Weidner has been working as a carpenter with ArchRec since 2008. We have benefited greatly from his artistic eye and his ability to put a polished finish on a job. Although Tod has moved on to focus on his family and music career, he still works with us on select projects. Tod is pictured after just completing work on a craftsman-style entrance in white oak.

Rob Stewart has been working with ArchRec since 2005.  He is a hard-working jack-of-all-trades. He is known for producing high-quality work with attention to detail.  Rob is also our best equipment operator and keeps the jobsite ship-shape.  In this picture, he is working on the foundation of the Monument Log Cabin.

Ken Hall has been working for ArchRec since 2012. He is focused, detail-oriented, articulate, and a quick study, skilled at putting together and understanding all the pieces of the restoration puzzle. He has quickly become a key member of our company. In this photo, Ken is shown putting the finishing touches on a concrete column base.

Josh Smith has been working for ArchRec since February 2016.  His natural curiosity, enthusiasm and friendly demenor have quickly made him valuable asset to the company.  In this photo he is restoring the wood siding to a log building.

Sky Stewart has been working for ArchRec off and on since 2009 and is currently working part time while attending graduate school.  His mechanical aptitude and creative approach to a any project make him a valuable asset.